Thursday, March 19, 2009

Depot Bay Oregon

Depot Bay, Oregon is one of those charming coastal towns that offers a variety of interesting activities for those who love the ocean. From whale watching to charter fishing, there are always a number of different things to do in Depot Bay.

This is my personal favorite when I am looking to do some deep sea fishing. In general I use one of the charter services in the town, though I have also gone out on private vessels from time to time. Sometimes it can be difficult to make arrangement for a private vessel, and the charter services there are quite good. They offer not only fishing services but whale watching as well.

Having been up close and personal to a few whales, I can say that it is quite a spectacular experience. I really recommend it to anyone. This is not an experience that you can get from the discovery channel.

There are also several shops in Depot Bay. These are small business, owned and operated by locals and catering to the tourist crowd. Among these shops are a number of boutique antique dealers which are very fun to peruse if you are interested at all in antiques. I find the stroll down nostalgia lane quite refreshing.

If food is your thing, there are plenty of restaraunts in the area. And if you don't mind a 20 minute drive Lincoln City and Newport are just North and South along the highway.

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