Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bend Oregon - A Tourist Haven

Those of you out there looking for a vacation spot that is out of the way but not out in the sticks, look at Bend Oregon.

Bend is nowhere near what anyone would describe as a big city, in fact to many city dwellers it is just a small town in eastern Oregon. However if you go further east, you will meet many eastern Oregonians who would describe Bend as both a city and as not eastern Oregon. That is to say that Bend is, in many ways on the border between east and west and yet it isn't really central Oregon either.

It shares the climate and history of eastern Oregon, but has managed to grow and thrive, and in particular develop a tourist industry that is wanting in parts further east. Bend is beautiful throughout the year, though especially during the summer. Bend offers camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and all the outdoor activities that Oregon is famous for.

In addition there are hotels, restaraunts and shopping for those who prefer air conditioning and a comfortable seat. The dining is good and the range of hotels covers the gamut from barely more than camping up to luxury resorts. That is to say that Bend is truly a haven for tourists of all types and kinds.

To me Bend is a place where I went as a young boy to compete in wrestling tournaments and holds a few fond memories that the tourists will never know.

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