Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sturgeon Fishing, A Uniquely Oregon Experience

Catching sturgeon on the Columbia and Willamette rivers is one experience that really can't be had outside of Oregon. Of course there are sturgeon in other parts of the world, but the efforst that the Oregon department of fish and wildlife have gone through to preserve the species and keep fishing both fun and sustainable are remarkable.

Even when I don't manage to get any keepers, reeling in "shakers" or Sturgeon that can't be taken is a pleasure. These fish are magnificent to see when you reel them in and make a fine addition to any dining table.

If you are looking for an experience that you will remember for a lifetime and one that is unique to the Pacific northwest, then can I suggest sturgeon fishing.


Webbielady said...

First I must plan how to reach oregon ... Im in Europe and when I get there, I'll remember your advice here. ^^

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