Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snake River Country

There are a lot of places to visit in Oregon, and sometimes the far eastern side of the state gets a bit ignored, despite its rugged beauty and full history.

The Oregon Trail is a part of history in the United States that shouldn't be ignored, and the area around the Snake River is rife with this history. Malheur county, Union County, and many others are filled with lingering remnants of the pioneers and cowboys who brought their civilization west.

Named for the Snake Indians, the Snake River plays host to several small towns along the Oregon and Idaho borders, including Ontario, Nyssa, Payette and Parma, to name just a few. These towns thrive on their pioneer ancestory and the locals take pride in their roots.

If you are looking for the latest fashions or for the newest, biggest malls and shopping extravanganzas, then look elsewhere. Snake River country is all about small towns in the west.

The Snake River can't be beat for catfishing, and there is more mule deer hunting in the area than you can shake a stick at. Hiking and camping opportunities abound, but be a bit careful in July and August as these are times when the grasshoppers come out and so do the famous rattle snakes of the area. In the spring and fall, however, this area is a gem that shouldn't be overlooked.

In particular if you are a history buff of any sort, then head into eastern Oregon and pick up a few pieces of the past.

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